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Power Core Pilates & FitnesS


Joseph Pilates developed the traditional Pilates system in the 1930's concentrating on the rehabilitation of professional dancers. The Power Core program enhances Joseph Pilates' methods through the use of the IM+X machine. Power Core uses this machine-based resistance and cardio training to create an overall fitness and wellness program. This unique program focuses on stretching, cardiovascular intervals, plyometrics, abdominal training, lower back, upper body, and lower muscle toning, all while fully supporting the spine and neck. 

Power Core's program is very results oriented. Strength, resistance, and cardiovascular training  combined with muscle lengthening causes long, lean muscle to develop. It also leads to elongated posture and increased spine flexibility. The programs also emphasize inner and outer thigh exercises to decrease excess bulk in trouble areas.  


The Workout


Emily Klempner

Emily has been teaching pilates for 13 years.  With 11 years of classical ballet training, and 16 years of fitness experience, Emily has made fitness a passion and a way of life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bellarmine University as well as a Master's degree in Education from the University of Louisville. She currently holds certifications through AFAA primary and CPR. She also holds advanced certifications from IM=X pilates for the Xercizer. Her goal is to help clients achieve a better life through fitness. Her passion and determination to help each individual client reach their personal fitness goals sets her apart from other trainers. 

About Emily



5 Sessions                 $150

10 Sessions               $290

20 Sessions              $495


5 Sessions                 $250         

10 Sessions              $480

20 Sessions              $860


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